We’ve been backing up websites since 1996. One site, managed since 1996, is updated daily and has thousands of posts. Today, that wordpress backup is over 2.5 GB. It’s caused a lot of problems. Backups fail. Upgrades break the site, or the backup fails to work after the upgrade. So we’ve made many mistakes and found solutions to many of the problems you might encounter. Our experience will smooth the road for you.

We’ve also been through lots of hosting companies (including Amazon Web Services) and have learned that:

  • Making backups is not so much fun.
  • Nearly every hosting company does not keep an adequate number of backups*.
  • Updating ANYTHING in WordPress can and will blow-up your site.

There’s no need to be a Cowboy Coder anymore. Punching that update button and riding the bull, hoping your site will survive the update.

Just call or send an eMail (depending on your plan) and we’ll revert your site to the backup you choose. We’ll keep at least 15 backups on file. 

Purchase an advanced plan and our professional web masters will backup your site, THEN we will run any updates required. You’ll be notified when it’s complete.

We’ll also make any repairs to your database, scan for spam comments, and maintain security and more. 

Hands off! We become your backup webmaster and maintainer so you can get back to running your business, and not waste time and burn weekends dorking around with technology and websites on the Intertubz. You still add all your awesome content and anything else. Just think, it’ll be great to have an expert who you can call if you really, really get in a pinch.

We manage many client sites today, let us help you.


Did you know?

  • Many hosting providers only keep one backup of your site, “nightly” about 12 to 24 hours old.
  • Others only backup your static files, NOT the WordPress database. (which is not much help.)
  • Others will sell you a backup service.